Operatie "Creative Chaos" zal niet slagen

Kameraden en vrienden, de situatie in Syrië blijft ernstig, er wordt zelf gesproken van een burgeroorlog. De roep om het land binnen te vallen en te bezetten wordt steeds luider, zelfs onder progressieven.

Vandaag brengen we een lezenswaardig bericht van de Communistische Partij van Syrië, lid van de Nationale Progressieve Alliantie.

The Central Committee stressed that the overall development of events, which indicate that the imperialist conspiracy is escalating on Syria with multiple faces and the range of the participants in this conspiracy expands, such as Arab reactionary regimes who are loyal to imperialism, and its media and competent organs. Syria was and still forms the main obstacle in the Arabs against enslavement new great Middle East plan. The distinct role of Syria is known in supporting the anti-imperialism and Zionism resistance movements in the region.

The current period characterized by increasing this imperialist attack and escalating the hostile tone to Syrian by imperialist horns brazenly. The bright example of this is in the words of Barack Obama and other officials in the U.S. administration, the symbol of aggression and people enslavement. By the attendance of the criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama said that the situation in Syria locates in the heart of the attention of American and Israeli leaderships. The Obama's speech contained expressions cannot be translated only as a claim for the Syrian leadership to surrender unconditionally, where its first step is give the full abandonment to support the resistance forces in the Arabs world, and the abandonment of its alliances which form in the same time an important component of the Syrian national force system.

Declarations of many European and imperialist representatives flowed into the same direction , particularly by representatives of French imperialism, which, as events show, has desire to its colonial past in the region which is stained with blood and committed heinous crimes, which do not forgiven the Syrian people their brave struggle against it, this struggle crowned by the great evacuation. It may be dwarf Zionist Sarkozy aspires to repeat Guru saying:

« we are backed, Salah al-Din», forgetting what happened after that to the French occupation forces by the hands of brave Syrian rebels. There is no doubt that the powerful Zionist circles in the imperialist ruling departments in the United States and Europe, have a great repute in escalating the imperialist madness. These circles are sure that the honorable Syrian steadfastness and its struggle against imperialism forms a fundamental danger to the expansible projects of imperialism and Zionism in the region, which of the racial and enslavement new great Middle East comes in the forefront.

In the same context the Arab rulers chorus who deal with U.S. imperialism flows, they are competing among themselves for the best title to pass the imperialist interests in the region. Those who were scared by the escalation of Arab national liberation movement wave, they are seeking by various ways to strike the national liberation fort in our region which is Arab Syria. In this context the massive media campaign are launched against Syria as well as supporting and financing subversive operations inside it, this evidenced by the irrefutable facts.

The positions of the Turkish government - the main member in NATO- are not friendly towards Syrian national steadfastness, which reject the imperialist dictations. Turkey embraces reactionary groups that disguised by religion like Muslim Brotherhood, which share the ruling party in Turkey its thought and loyalty to ​​imperialism. Under the auspices and facilitation from the ruling circles in Turkey conferences for the enemies of the Syrian national approach were held, the last conference held in Antalya, attended by Muslim Brotherhood elements and many unknown persons from the Syrian political arena, the essential aim of these conferences is making a radical change in Syria for the benefit of loyal forces to colonialism. In the same context, a meeting was held in capital of the Atlantic, Brussels, the most prominent activists were leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood. This organization stained with the blood of innocent people, especially during the events in Syria in the late seventies and early eighties of the last century, this organization known with full loyal to imperialism, which leading centers are located in Western capitals and sponsored exceptional from the ruling circles, as well as from Arab obscurantist reactionary regimes.

Through the follow-up of the facts of these conferences which held by the opposition, it is noted that the opposition has no any socio-economic program will help to improve the living situation of the people and develop the national economy. The slogans were limited to a demand to overthrow the regime, and unclear arguments have hypocrite character. Yes, the goal of reactionary forces limits to strike the current status, it means radical change to anti-imperialism orientations which is the basic character of this status, from this the ignorance of these forces comes to all reform trends which announced in Syria.

During the development of events, it was announced to lift the martial state, which the country lived under it since March / 1963 /, issued a law for regulating demonstrations, and re-Syrian nationality to those Kurd citizens who have been deprived as a result of the census which carried out in Hasaka province / 1962 /.

It must be noted that these measures were among the main demands that Syrian Communist Party fought for over the decades to the expansion of democratic freedoms of the people.

In addition to, our party demanded- including in the documents of the 11th Conference - to amend the press law and issue the parties law and which its preparations have started at present. The government published a draft of local administration law and the draft of electoral law. Here, we have to say that many of the terms and provisions contained in these drafts are not compatible with the developments of the situation, so it should be amended, but in some cases form a backward step compared with the applicable laws. For example, what stated in the draft of local administration law to appoint half the members of the Executive Office of the province by the governor, while all members are elected now. In our opinion, the electoral law requires a deeper study, and delete some texts which excite the sensitivity of public opinion,( as to carry out the election in two days ... Etc). In general, our party deems, that it must be issued two legislative versions in this area: law for the elections of parliament and law for elections of local administration, because the right rulings in case of local administration are not correct in case of parliament, the most prominent example on this is the issue of electoral domicile of candidates to the parliament, because according to the Constitution, member of parliament representing the Syrian people as whole and not only his constituency.

In regard to the formation of some specific committees on judicial reform and economic reform and to combat corruption and others, the Central Committee deems that there are some cases of corruption do not need a microscope and analysis, but need to suppress immediately. It is also unlikely to be issued by the committee of economic reform- with its current composition- any recommendations towards serious turn for the production and producers.

The Central Committee deems that the best way for national dialogue is to expand press freedom, this will provide the broad expression of opinion on the most important issues concerning the development of the current status and citizens condition.

Positive measures have been taken in the economic sphere which our party fought for, the most important measure is raising the salaries of workers in the state and the public sector significantly, as well as pensions of retirees, amend the law / 41 / related to private ownership in the border areas, the trend towards stabilizing of temporary workers in the public sector, the reduction of diesel prices has positive reverberation inside the community in general and among peasants in particular. At the same time we noted that the reduction of diesel prices was not accompanied by decreasing prices of materials and services which its cost related to diesel prices. This is an evidence about the negative role played by speculators who want to monopolize the results of the positive steps taken by the state. These, in all circumstances, seek to increase their exploitation of the country and the people together. This situation requires the completion of the steps taken by the state, through increasing the state intervention role in setting prices, including direct pricing to the materials related to the basics of public consumption, as well as basic services, particularly the transportation sector within cities or between cities, in general it must be made great effort to meet the service demands of people.

It had stated in the documents of the 11th Conference of our party (held in October / 2010 /) literally as follows:
«We have warned and warn all the honorable patriotics in our country, that in addition to continuous external political pressures to our country, there are attempts to economic blackmail and imposition the prescriptions of imperialist centers, and their tools such as the IMF, the World Bank and WTO, which can be summarized in one word is economic liberalism, which is an expression of the imposition of foreign monopolies dictatorship on the national economy. This method leads to the exhaustion of the country economically in order to facilitate striking the country politically ».

The important part of the causes of popular discontent, which formed the suitable soil of reactionary incitement, lies in the economic and social measures of liberalism, which was done in the past years under the banner of «social market economy». Which led to increase polarization in society and led to the great impoverishment of hardworking people and to the severe pressure on production and on producers, which also led to the formation of a wide audience of neglected people, who are usually receptive to incite reactionary forces because of his social and living conditions. This case was seen in many cities and regions. We can consider that the glow of situation which the country is witnessing is logical result of the Tenth Five-Year Plan.

One of the most dangerous phenomena witnessed during the past decade is the applying of economic measures which are detrimental to the interests of the peasants who were historically form- since the implementation of agrarian reform- the most important component of the mass base of the regime. As a result of collaborated government measures with the weather circumstances the situation became catastrophic in many eastern and north-east regions, which manifested by great slump in production and terrible decreasing in the standard living of producers, forcing a large portion of them to leave their land and join the poverty belts around the cities, some of them worked in marginal works if they found it.

The social-liberal economic measures that have been applied in recent years played a subversive role, not lower than the role of external pressures in terms of their negative impact, but it was more than it because its impact included the whole economy and livelihood of all people. It is not by chance that these measures have been praised by the imperialism and the reactionary Arab centers, because these measures «form the basis of the reform process», they want more of these measures, aware from the enemies of the country that economic liberalism is in combating contrast with the country force.

The requirements of the national battle against imperialism and reactionary forces, which seeking to kneeldown Syria requires the complete abandonment of economic liberalist policies and measures. It should be reviewed all economic laws, which taken in the previous period, under the banner of readiness to « the Syrian-European partnership» and to « enter the World Trade Organization». These legislations, in particular, were the carrier of social -economic measures, which are harmful to national production, producers condition, and national steadfastness in general. Only narrow segment of comprador bourgeoisie has benefited from these legislations, which seeking to plunder the state and the people together, in cooperation with the global monopolies. The movement of events show clearly that it is impossible to reconcile the interests of the people and interests of the comprador bourgeoisie. This bourgeoisie its economic liberal project is combating contrast with national steadfastness interests.

With its appreciation of the decisions taken by the new government in the economic and social fields, the Central Committee stresses on the need to continue to take decisions and measures which strengthen the economical forces of the country and meet the demands of the masses of workers, peasants, small income earners and state employees, who form the public support to the honorable Syrian national stand.

The central Committee also emphasizes on importance of supporting and developing the national production, such as supporting the Syrian agriculture in order to restore and strengthen the food security of our country, supporting the industry in all forms of national ownership with focusing on maintaining and developing the public sector. The Central Committee also emphasizes that it is important to rely on providing productive capacities through increasing state investments in this area and not to rely on bringing foreign and Gulf capital into the country. In this regard it is important to return to the policy of oil investment nationally production and marketing. It is necessary to take integrated measures to prevent all kinds speculations.

The adoption of socio-economic approach to meet the masses interests ,strengthen the economic forces, insure to hit home environment which the hostile forces grow in it. Our party deems that the socio-economic development is the primary domain of the class struggle in the country, which means the struggle about the direction of this development and how to distribute and redistribute of national income, it also will play a key role in determining the fate of the national battle in the country.

Our party has been early alerted to the dangers of the conspiracies hatched by imperialism , Zionism and Arab and local reactionary against Syria. It had stated in the documents of the11th Conference of our party literally as follows: «It is clear more and more that this attack on Syria, which takes multiple faces such as political pressure , military threats, economic sabotage, and hatching conspiracies to bring out radical transformations to change Syrian national face, including the overthrow of the current regime which based on the wide national alliance its primary aim to protect and strengthen national sovereignty ».

At the beginning of events currently going through Syria, the communiqué of the Central Committee meeting held in / 25 / March / 2011 / indicated that:

«the reactionary forces tried and are trying to use the right dissatisfaction……...., to inflame the unrest all over the country using a malignant method in the integration of the correct slogans that attract the masses which related to the expansion of democratic freedoms with clearly reactionary slogans and demands which have obscurantist sectarian provocative character, these slogans oriented against the secularist concepts and lenity spirit, which historically distinguish the Syrian society ».

The movement of events proved the correctness of the analysis of our party. Where gradually the peaceful and non-violent character of demonstrations vanished, this replaced by violent acts, large-scale attacks took place on the headquarters and governmental establishments , this accompanied in many cases with attacks on personal properties and destroy it. The aspects of armed and regular acts became clearly visible in some provinces, these aspects cannot be attributed to the spontaneous reactions to suppress and disperse some demonstrations, but it is a regular act carried out by reactionary forces and with support from abroad. In some cases the works which carried out by reactionary forces reached to position cannot characterized only as attempts of armed insurrection taking place through attacks and killings initiative and planning of these forces.

In addition to violent acts including armed ones which carry out by reactionary groups, there are also many attempts to impose financial blackmail on the citizens to supplement the subversive acts.

There is no doubt that the forces involved in the disturbances are from various sorts, but obviously, it began to appear in the interface more and more occupies first place, forces have obscurantist and absolute reactionary character, known with its organic ostracism to any concept of freedom, completely far away in thought and deed from democracy, these forces characterized by seeking to impose regimes inspired what exists in Tora Bora in Afghanistan with oppression , tyranny and underdevelopment. It is intended to impose this grim situation on our enlightened Syrian society. that means instead of the work with martial law which lifted by issued decree, they want to put an alternative based on obscurantist provisions without any margin of the freedom of thought , diligence and action.
Such situation led to the fact that some of the opposition forces and faces, which were in the front while the peaceful demonstrating started to move away from these groups and their violent acts and their indiscriminate attacks. This stand is no doubt deserves appreciation. It is clear that saying and opinion should face with saying and opinion, the act should face with act. That means the subversive acts and attacks should face with procedures prescribed by law and perpetrators brought to justice.

The forces correlated with external forces and collaborating with them in all forms from liberalism to obscurantist to apostate «left» to fleeing former officials fleeing abroad, contribute with the reckless hysteric chorus which want to justify the armed movements of reactionary forces, but denies the existence of these movements at all, rejecting all the facts , seeking to distort them.

Facing the current events requires firmness and flexibility in the same time, it must be firm facing to the aspects of armed insurrection and subversive acts, at the same time fast seeking without prejudice to the masses, including those who express their opposition views peacefully. It must stay away from any actions have retaliatory character that can hurt the innocent citizens. The central committee expressed its support for the amnesty issued by the President of the Republic, expressing its conviction that the amnesty should coverage all the opinion prisoners .

The central committee expresses the Syrian communists conviction that the current battle character is national with distinction, fighting and confrontation are going on against the non-national and reactionary forces, which by its subversive acts serves Zionism and colony interests, regardless the motives of simple persons who join to these forces, who in many cases have been deceived by slogans and various banners, they are susceptible to belief these slogans because of their living condition.

But regardless self intentions here and there, the key issue lies to make every effort to defend Syrian national stand, national sovereignty pride, and dignity of country for the survival of Syria as castle of free people in the Arabs world and the world.

The central committee highly appreciated the support and sympathy received by Syria in the current national battle by friendly forces in the Arabs world and the world. The central committee commended the distinct stand taken by Russia and China in the Security Council, this support stand to Syria is compatible with the strategic interests of these two great nations.

commended the solidarity stand shown by workers and communist parties in the world that emerged in many international assemblies and media, and through the solidarity marches and protests with the steadfastness Syrian stand.

The central committee also commended on the activity of party organizations and Syrian Communist Youth to organize demonstrations and sit-ins in front of embassies and consulates of imperialist countries , expressing the disapproval and condemnation of its aggressive stand of our country and our people.

The central committee also stopped at the situation in our region and found that all indicators point to the continuous advancement of the Arab national liberation movement, despite the difficulties face it. The central committee alerted to the dangers of reactionary imperialist conspiracy to the revolutions and popular uprisings. During the Summit of the Eight, which took place in the city of Deauville, it was clear the imperialist centers efforts to sink Tunisia and Egypt with new debts amounting to tens of billions of dollars in order to paralyze any independent decision of the two countries which overthrowed in the near past, the regimes of hirelings. The fast-moving events taking place in Yemen shows the Arab reactionary regimes efforts, in full coordination with U.S. imperialism, to find an alternative to the current regime fits imperialist interests, contrary to what mass movement is seeking to, which is being sought to be subjected to tribal leaders who are loyal to America and the Arab reactionary.
The Libyan tragedy continues under the expansion and intensification of the Atlantic aggression on this rich Arab country, it is clear that imperialism and Zionism want to make this country a laboratory for its saying «Creative Chaos» by dividing its land into pieces, destruction of its structures and killing its inhabitants.

The Central Committee calls upon world free people and all anti-imperialist forces to solidate with the Arab national liberation movement, which is facing a fierce enemy manifested by imperialism and its local agents. Imperialist aggression increase directly its internal crises. There is a severe financial crisis threatening the U.S. economy in the short time. The successive crises still shake throughout Europe, after the severe crisis that swept through Greece, Ireland, Portugal, leaving destruction in the situation of their hard workers, the winds of crisis began to loom in Spain atmosphere.
The worsening situation in the world once again confirms the importance of strengthening the anti- imperialism global front. This certainty which the Syrian Communists depend on their international activities.

Opgesteld in Damascus op 4 juni 2012

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