Channel Zero, nog steeds metal-goden

Channel Zero, de legendarische Belgische metal-band, organiseert begin volgend jaar een reünie-concert in de AB. De ticketverkoop startte vandaag, na welgeteld 20 minuten was het concert uitverkocht. Jawade, gesplit in 1997 en nog steeds fans genoeg om drie concerten in een oogwenk uitverkocht te krijgen.
Channel Zero, één van de beste bands van de jaren '90 als het mij vraagt.

beste album me dunkt: Stigmatized, met daarop hun beste nummer Play a Little. Al zijn de andere nummers, zoals het overbekende 'Help' en 'Suck My Energy', zeker ook niet te versmaden.

Tekst-gewijs is deze groep evenzeer fantastisch. Wat dacht je van deze tekst van 'America':

I was born to conquer
Pushed by the wind and sea
Permission by the kingdom of Spain
Opened soiled doorways to my liberty
And as we sailed we roamed
We were lost and desperate
Until a loud scream from the crow's nest gave us hope

Burst of joy, reconnaissance
Discovery of an unknown land: America

And I made the first steps
The beginning of a newborn world
I represent the catholic church
Those who preach: "You will not hurt"
And the holy book in one hand
In the other a sword
We have to teach those savages a lesson
Remission of sins

Let's go too, heresy
Straight on to the promised land: America

We came to stay, 1492, was the year it all began
Kill, rape, yes, he wanted 'em all killed and raped.
Barbarian acts to show who's
In command and makes the rules
Irresistable slaughter and indulge in dissipation
And they kept coming with slaves aboard
And he didn't give a damn about them
A hero was born

Solemn is his name within
Solemn in pose
History books offend me
They don't tell

My name is Columbus
I need your scalps
Finally growling and shaking
Get it out, bleed scream
Bleed for me
Scream bleed
Scream for me
Root 'em out, weed 'em out
Eradicate 'em from my land

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